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Alaskan Cruise Day 2

Alaskan Cruise Day 1

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I'm off on my adventure and wanted to share photos with you as we go...

Thursday night….Steve was ready to leave!  I bought us all those travel neck pillows….here’s his version of how to wear it!


Well…we made it to Seattle yesterday without too many problems.  Our flight out of Appleton was asked to stay on the ground because the planes were “metering” in Minneapolis – our connecting airport.  I don’t know what “metering” means – but it did make us do the “OJ” through the airport once we touched down!  Our flight to Seattle from Minneapolis was already boarding when we arrived…and of course it was all the way on the other end of the airport!  We made it….

Once in Seattle – we had to take a big charter bus to the pier to get on our ship…this was a little funny.  Our bus driver had just arrived from Miami and it was his first day on the job.  He couldn’t figure out how to get out of the airport!!!!  Seriously!  We went where buses shouldn’t be, had to turn around and finally got out of there.  It gets better…you think, well those big airports are a little confusing…so you give him the benefit of the doubt.  We are now in downtown Seattle doing circles…YEA…CIRCLE!  He has no clue how to get to the pier where our ship is!!!!!  SU Demo to the rescue…this lady asked if he needed some help and she actually told him where to go to get us to our ship!!!

Here’s Hailey at the airport….aren’t these bushes beautiful?

And here I am on our deck on the ship with a glass of…..PEPSI!  YIPEE!!!!  We were still in port at this point.

Here’s our room – before it’s too trashed!

Here’s the view as we are going out to sea…aren’t these mountains gorgeous!


We went to dinner last night – I ordered some chicken dish that I couldn’t pronounce even after the waiter repeated it 3 times….but it was REALLY good.  I had escargot (I’m sure I spelled that wrong…but you know what I mean) for my appetizer and Hailey tried shrimp cocktail!!!!  She said it was OK – that’s alright – she tried something new!!!

Here’s our first gift from Stampin’ Up! – we arrived back in our room to find it on the bed.  How cute is that???

I’ll try to check back later today or tomorrow morning – I hope I get some better photos to show you!

Thanks for stopping by....


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Tammy F.

Hi!! "metering" means that each flight is given a certain time that they can land at an airport. It's usually a small window of time, and the purpose is to avoid "holding" in the air, thereby saving airlines fuel.

Thanks for sharing the cruise with all of us! I love seeing all the gifts you get!!

Laura Harvey

Loving your view as I look out on the rain coming down on the street!

Lori Heid

Thanks for sharing pictures with us! I love your "traveling" stories :)


Great pictures Kelly, love the purse, just the kind that I like.

Do they ever offer them for sale after the cruise?

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