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8th Annual Used Stamp/Scrapbooking Sale!!!!

8th Annual Stamp Sale!

  June 1st - 9:00 - 3:00






I’m having my 8th Annual Used Stamp, Scrapbooking & Accessory Sale!!!

You are invited to participate, either by putting the stamps you would like to sell into the sale, or shopping for some great deals the days of the sale. This sale is not exclusive to Stampin’ Up! merchandise.  Everyone is welcome, so please feel free to invite your friends!!! 

I will also have all my cards and samples for sale too!!!  Come buy these to use or take home for ideas!

If you are interested in selling those stamps or accessories that you either don't use anymore...please e-mail me or call me to let me know that you are participating. All sellers will receive credit for NEW merchandise out of the New Idea Book & Catalog. No cash will be given. Below are the details for participating in the sale. 


ADVERTISING:  I advertise in the local newspapers!!!!


Saturday, June 1st 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


The sale will be held in the garage at my home at 738 Depere Street, Menasha


Directions from Hwy 41: 


Take 441 east to the Racine St Exit.  Turn right at the exit.  Take a left at the 1st light (9th St).  Go down 4 blocks and turn right on Depere St.  I’m on the right side – big gray house with blue trim. 


Details for participation in sale: 


1. You can drop off the stamps & accessories you have for sale starting on Tuesday, May 28th. You don't need to make arrangements to drop them off. Set them on my front porch if I’m not home.  The sooner the better, this will give me ample time to get them all in order and set up for the sale. PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME & PHONE NUMBER ON YOUR BOX OR CONTAINER WITH A BIG BLACK MARKER OR ON SOME TYPE OF LARGE LABEL.  MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR INFO ON THE LID OF PLASTIC CONTAINERS AS WELL AS THE BOTTOMS.


2. You MUST use blue or a light colored painter’s tape on each item (not the dark blue – it’s too hard to read).  This allows the cashiers to easily remove the tape from each item.  Last year – there were still some people using the DARK BLUE painter’s tape – please re-price those items using lighter tape.  Anything marked with Dark Blue tape will not be put out for sale.


3.  Labeling:  Put your initials (all three) and price on each piece of tape – make sure it’s legible.  Amounts must be in $0.25 increments – nothing smaller.


4.  Have all stamping images visible in the plastic cases. Place your sticker on the TOP so people don't have to turn it over to see images or price. If it is an individual stamp, place the sticker so it does not obscure the image. No single stamps in ziplock bags.  The bags cause condensation from the sun and get everything wet inside the bag.


5. Orders:  I will collect all monies for items sold. When the sale is done, I will tally up your items that were sold. You will then be issued a credit for merchandise out of the NEW Stampin'Up! Idea Book & Catalog.  I will let you know how much credit you have coming either via e-mail or phone.  All credit orders must be back to me by June 8th, so I can submit the order right away.  If you don't have a current catalog, please go to the on-line catalog on my website or you can purchase one from me. 


6. This is how the credit will work.  Each seller will pay $5.00 or 10% of your sales - whichever is LESS.  If you sell $100 in merchandise, you will have $95 in credit.  I will then sub-total, add tax and shipping and the $95 will come off of the balance.  You pay for any balance due. There will be no cash given for your sales. All balances due will have to be paid by the June 8th due date with cash or a credit card.  No exceptions.


7.  Pick up those items that did not sell on Sunday, June 2nd or Monday, June 3rd (I need my house back).  They will be on my front porch.


PRICING TIPS:  As a guideline for pricing, I figure out the cost of the stamp set deduct about 30%-50%. I also take into consideration the wear and tear and may mark off more. It just depends on how badly I want to sell the items.  You can mark your merchandise with any price you choose, depending on your desire to sell them. 


Any further questions, please e-mail at or call 920-720-3139. 



Hope to see you at the sale!


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Carol Carriveau

From seeing pics on your blog over the last several years, wishing you continued success!

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