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Technique Class - Hobby Lobby

There’s no better way to expand your stamping skills than learning techniques! Join me next Wednesday morning or Thursday evening to learn how to use Pearl Ex powders in two different ways, a crayon resist technique, a faux metal tag technique, play with some shaving cream and also learn a new faux shaving cream technique. You’ll also be using the Cuddlebug & Big Shot die cutting/embossing machines too!

DATE: Wednesday, April 8th – 10 am
Thursday, April 9th - 6 pm
WHERE: Hobby Lobby – Oshkosh
COST: $15

Please bring your scissors and adhesive. Just call or email to register!
Cards by mail - for $20 you'll receive the cards too! This includes shipping!

Aloha - Day Five

I was yelling at him all week to take his hat off or he'd get a stupid tan....guess I should have been worried about the ankles! LOL


This is the tram that took us from one end of the resort to the other.


This became Steve's perch for the week...what a beautiful view!


Here's that prize wheel that I've been talking about....


I won some corduroy buttons and more Island Girl stickers!!!


At the base of this waterfall you'll find sea turtles - they seem to like the bubbles.


Here's a small one!



This is a water lily.


This is a dormant volcano - it was usually covered in a haze.


More water lilies...


This is the shopping center we went to today.


The waves were pretty big today - I saw another huge whale jump all the way out of the water too!


The locals call this Hawaiian Graffiti - it's white coral laid out on the volcano rocks....someone made an SU! sign!!!!


Here are my prize wheel winnings and we all got a back of flower brads for filling out the trip survey!


Look what was waiting for me on our final night - a parting gift!


It's a beautiful silver chain and pendant that says ALOHA!


Tomorrow (Friday) is our final day in Hawaii.....we don't fly out until 8:30 pm - so we will have a little more time to lay in the sun by the pool and just lounge around. I'm sad to be leaving - but I miss my girl....she'll be waiting anxiously for us!


WOW - what a spread SU put on for all of us tonight!!!!  It was all authentic Hawaiian food at the Luau!



This was our dinner table centerpiece!


Stampin' Up! had a bunch of little huts like this one set up that showed how the Hawaiian people performed different island favorites.


I did enjoy some fresh coconut - my mom use to buy them for me when I was a kid - they were fun to crack too!



Poi is a native root to Hawaii....I tasted it and it really doesn't taste like anything...but apparently it's good for you.



Steve learning to do the hoola!






Last, but not least....Carolyn Serviss' husband got this tattoo on his head!!!!


Project Shares!!!!

Here are a bunch of the items that other demonstrators brought to share with everyone....I LOVE this part of our trip!!!

Remember - you can click on all of these pictures to make them bigger - check out those details!













Aloha - Day Four

I didn't have a lot of excitement today....I spent it just lounging around.  Steve went golfing with a bunch of guys - so I was on my own.  My first stop was the breakfast buffet!  I gorged myself on fresh fruit, pancakes, bacon and pastries!  This is a picture of the dining can sit right next to one of the many streams that run through the resort and watch the fish while you eat.


You ever have one of these bad hair days?  I do - but I'm glad it isn't every day!!!


These birds live on little islands throughout the resort.  They must be afraid of water, because they don't ever leave their area.


After breakfast - I headed to the Kings' Shops for a little window shopping....even that was expensive - LOL!  I found a pair of cute little leather sandals, tried them on - like them - until I turned them over and they were $144....then I put them back and continued on..... When I was done with the "shopping" - I headed back to the resort and laid by the pool for a while....such an exhausting day! LOL


Here is the torch runner guy....this photo is for those of you with an appreciation for a nice body (like myself) - this guy doesn't have an ounce of fat on him.  He runs the entire resort every evening with a torch and lights all the Tiki Torches - leaping over the little chain guards like a gazelle!  It is truly an enjoyable site!!!!  And he blows on one of those big sea shells - it's almost like the noon bell in Menasha!  I should suggest to our Mayor that we have a hot guy like this run around the city to announce that bell!




Here's our little presents for the day!  The Sarong is a Hawaiian tradition and that was delivered to my room from SU!  Then I went to spin the Prize Wheel and won the Designer Hardware - I was VERY excited - I didn't have this one yet!!!!  Last but not least - I got this Decor Elements - Stampin' Up! Island Girl!!!!  They also gave everyone a NEW pack of Designer Series Paper - I go the one called Flock Together!


After such an exhausting day - we made reservations at the Plantation restaurant for dinner.  Started that off with a Pina Colada for myself and a Mai Tai for Steve.  He mentioned this morning that you have to watch those Mai Tai's  cuz they'll knock you on your butt...I did notice that!


I finally got my Lobster!!!!!!  Dinner was a lean $177...probably because they had to fly that lobster in from Maine...and with the price of airline tickets these days......


Another breathtaking sunset to cap off the evening!


I LOVE this time's right up my alley!  I was up until midnight (Hawaii time) - which is 5 am at home....and didn't rise this morning until 7:30 (Hawaii time) - 12:30 there...I LOVE this!!!!

Watch later today for some pictures from the SU Share last night.  A bunch of demonstrators bring GREAT projects to share with everyone - we gather in a room and take pictures and watch's super fun!



I was disappointed that I only caught this giant in the very edge of the photo...but I was pretty lucky to catch it at all!  I had my camera zoomed all the way up to 15 to capture these photos.  The whales put on quite a show yesterday.   You should be able to click on each photo to get a bigger view.  It was sooooooooo cool!






Aloha! - Day Three

I'm still surviving in paradise...I KNOW...hard to believe! LOL  We spent the day exploring our resort...there's just so much to see here without even leaving the grounds.  It was a pretty slow the time we got up and got ourselves together - I realized that Hailey was out of school for the day! LOL!!!!  The time difference really throws me!  We just walked around the resort exploring, had lunch, visited the Hospitality Room to spin for my daily prize, picked up my Make-N-Take packet, laid by the pool and took a nap.  Exhausting!  NO - relaxing!  That's what I'm here for silly!


I have walked by this little bubbling pool/waterfall a dozen times and just noticed it this morning!


We went exploring the other side of the resort today and came across this beautiful waterfall.


Steve is ready about the sea turtles that come into this cove....I took a picture of one that I posted yesterday.



Here's another pool that we discovered today.


I can never resist a good flower shot!




He needs one of these for a pet!


I was watching the dolphins today when I spotted this!


The resort has it's very own Dolphin Quest.  We watched for quite awhile today.  It was very cool - they are so sweet looking.  But I saw the show - "when good pets go bad" and I wasn't really interested in swimming with them.....I'm not petting any bears and I'm not getting in the water with a huge dolphin either! LOL


Isn't this a weird looking flower?  I was getting ready to take this photo when a gecko scurried down the foliage - yep - I let out a little screech!


They have parrots out in the open in the lobby - they wave at you, but I didn't hear them talking....


The artwork is just fantastic...if  you're into that sort of thing...which I'm not.


Here's the Prize Wheel!!!!!  I get to spin it everyday and win something - I LOVE prizes!!!!  I landed on the "grab bag" today....


And I won a pair of Paper all know I NEED these!!!


Here are a few card samples from the display boards.  I just LOVE the Fifth Avenue Floral set!




We had Make-N-Takes today and we all received this basket filled with ink pads, jumbo brads, a marker, sticky strip and a stamp set!!!!  I LOVE presents too!


Here I am enjoying a Pina Colada....and fresh pineapple too!  We had lunch here today - a club sandwich with chips, a hamburger with fries, 2 beers and my foo-foo drink came to $66 - LOL!!!!! OUCH!  SU gave us $60 for lunch - and I thought that was very generous......


This was our present tonight.  I thought it was a bouquet of flowers when I first received it.  But it's a bunch of giant leaves, all wrapped around island snacks.


So far they are delicious!


Just another beautiful view!


And another gorgeous sunset.....


I had so many pictures here today...that I decided to hold off on the WHALE photos!!!!  YES - I have some really good pictures of the Whales jumping around out in the ocean.  They put on a super show today.  I guess they come near the resort to have their babies and hang here because there aren't a lot of predators in this area.  I'll show you those tomorrow some time.

Aloha - Day 2

WOW!  How ungrateful am I????  I forgot to show you our 1st gift from Stampin' Up!  We received this stuffed dolphin on our beds when we arrived in our rooms.  The Raspberry Tart Designer Paper came after I went to the Hospitality Room to spin the Prize Wheel!!!!  That's what I won!!!!



I know this is really hard to see - click on the photo to make it bigger.  It's a whale spout in the ocean - Steve and I watched the whales right from our balcony this morning.  This one was pretty far away - but about an hour later they were very close to shore and they were jumping out of the water too!!!!  I wasn't able to get a photo - just not quick enough....maybe tomorrow.


There are several waterfalls in our resort - this is just one of them.


Here's another view from our balcony during the day - it's just soooooooo beautiful here!


And another view looking the other way - notice all the black rocks - that's lava from the volcanoes.


Here's a Koi (sp?) fish pond we ran across today - again in our resort...I haven't even covered a quarter of it yet.


Aren't these beautiful???


This is a beach at our resort...I don't really like sand - so we laid by one of the many pools today and then I took a nap....ahhhhh island life!


Here's another water fall at the resort.


There are several bridge walkways that zig-zag back and forth over the water channels here.  The building in the background is actually the tower we are staying in.


I couldn't resist this postcard perfect view!


It's hard to see - but this turtle was just swimming around in the water as I walked over a bridge today.


The flowers are just starting to bloom here.


This was the little shopping center we visited this evening.  It's called the Queens Market - tomorrow we're going to see what's at the King's Market.


Let me introduce you to Sock Monkey (SM)!  Most of you have seen him hanging around with me.  He's having a GREAT time in Hawaii too!  Here he is napping with the pillow candies!


And again, enjoying some much needed sunshine!


And the view!


This is my friend from Minnesota, Dawn and her husband Gene.  Dawn took a little tumble on her first day here and hurt her feet.  She's still having a good time! 


A little relaxation while shopping....


And again......


Doesn't this guy look real?  It's just a poster.....


The Hawaiian UPS man fell in love with SM too!!!!  You know how SU Demo's LOVE UPS men!!!! LOL


And last but not least....our gifts from SU on Day 2.  I got this awesome bag and Steve got one too!!!!!


It's 2:56 am at home right's not even 10pm here in Kona.  And of can see that I'm adjusting to the time change well....LOL...NOT!!!!  I was up at 4:30 this morning and you know I'm not a morning person - LOL!

Tomorrow (or should I say today?) brings more sunshine, basking by the pool, eating and a little trip to the shopping's just a little strip mall here - nothing too complicated.  You're not going to see any exciting excursions with me and SM.....I'm just here to relax and I'm doing a GREAT job of it!  See you tomorrow!!!!

Hobby Lobby Celebrations Class

Join me and stock up on the special occasion cards that are always GREAT to have on hand! We’ll be making retirement, wedding, graduation, pregnancy, Easter and anniversary card. You’ll get to play with the Cuddlebug and Big Shot Die Cutting machines and do a little heat embossing too!

DATE: Wednesday, April 1st – 10 am and 6 pm
WHERE: Hobby Lobby – Oshkosh
COST: $15

All you need to bring is your scissors and adhesive.

Can't make the class - I can mail it to you for $20 - includes shipping!

Just call or email to register!